• May 26 – 28th Hotel Oderberger

    PDLN Conference 2019 – Berlin

  • About PDLN and its conference

    The PDLN conference is an invitation only event for senior news licensing organisation executives from PDLN members, other licensing bodies and media monitoring and evaluation businesses. We meet in an informal setting, numbers are limited to around 60, allowing excellent networking and interactive discussion on topics of interest including market developments, legal changes and how technology is driving business change. Just as important it will allow delegates time and space to share ideas, developments and experiences from around the world. Non-members can join the conference from 15:30 on Monday and on Tuesday.


    The 2019 PDLN Berlin Conference’s motto is „Creative Destruction“. It is about the rapid changes in the publishing and media monitoring industry, the fight of the creators and distributors to control content and about disruptive technologies and innovations in the market. We will have speakers giving answers to questions like what new structures and partnerships we might see in the years ahead and how successful media companies of the future may look like.


    PDLN aims to protect and promote the interest of publishers in media monitoring services. Its members seek to encourage the development of simple, efficient market solutions to the supply and use of press information internationally. PDLN works to share best practice in licensing and supply and to create forums for content owners and users to come together to solve the challenges of improving these services. The Press Database and Licensing Network (PDLN) is an association representing organisations owned or controlled by publishers who license or supply newspaper, magazine and website material for media monitoring, press cutting and press review services. PDLN was founded in 2008 and has grown rapidly. It now has 25 members in 22 countries, including the Asian rim, Africa, America and Europe





    Conference Hotel

    Our recommended hotel is the Hotel Oderberger Oderberger Str. 57, 10435 Berlin.

    This hotel is a converted indoor swimming pool and public bath built in 1898. It offers stylish bedrooms, a restaurant in the former engine rooms and of course a spectacular swimming pool. Located in trendy Prenzlauer Berg, it is just a two minutes walk away from the conference venue and five minutes to the elevated metro station ”Eberswalder Strasse”.

    Please check the infos on how to book your room under "Conference Registration & Hotel Reservation" at the bottom of this page!

    Conference Venue

    Access to our conference venue: guests of the hotel go through the hotel restaurant others use the footpath on the right of the building (or via GLS Campus Kastanienallee 82, 10435 Berlin).

    The venue will be the “Aula” (auditorium) at the GLS (German Language School) Campus situated right behind the Hotel Oderberger in a vast green and quiet courtyard. The spacious Aula was originally a gym, built 150 years ago. An ideal venue for a sportive international conference!


    Dinner – Sunday

    Elisabeth-Abegg-Straße 1, 10557 Berlin


    A traditional beer garden and Bavarian restaurant. It can’t ever get more German than in a beer garden! Enjoy dishes, beer and wine from different German regions.


    Dinner – Monday

    Unter den Linden 1, 10117 Berlin


    Based in Gütersloh, Westphalia, the Bertelsmann corporation has chosen a prestigious address for its representative offices at the German capital. Unter den Linden 1 has become a vital venue for meetings and cultural events in Berlin, reflecting the company's wide range of business segments. An ideal location for the PDLN Conference!

    Founded as a publishing house by Carl Bertelsmann in 1835 it is today one of the world's largest mass media companies offering books, magazines, television, radio, music and business services. The major divisions of Bertelsmann are Gruner + Jahr, RTL Group, Penguin Random House, BMG, Arvato, Bertelsmann Printing Group, Education Group and Investments.

    Click on the red link above for more details about the venue.

  • Sunday Programme

    Informal Tour and Dinner – all delegates welcome

    PDLN Board Meeting

    16:00 - 17:00

    At the PMG Presse-Monitor offices

    Markgrafenstraße 62

    10969 Berlin

    Guided tour on foot and by boat

    (publishers, MMOs, external guests are welcome)

    17:00 - 18:00 - 19:00

    We meet at the PMG Presse-Monitor offices, Markgrafenstraße 62, 10969 Berlin – for a guided walking and boat tour leaving at 5pm and ending at the dinner venue. (Please don't bring your luggage). If you can't make it to PMG at 5pm or if you don't want to walk, you have the opportunity to join us later on, for the boat tour at 6pm. The boat is leaving at the "Zeughaus" stop (see photo on the right). Directly at the German Historical Museum beneath the "Schloßbrücke" (Palace Bridge), Unter den Linden 10117 Berlin.
    The tours will focus on Berlin's publishers' district and the historic centre.

    Dinner at Zollpackhof

    (publishers, MMOs, external guests are welcome)


    Elisabeth-Abegg-Straße 1, 10557 Berlin

    A traditional beer garden and Bavarian restaurant. It can’t get any more German than in a beer garden! We will have a set menu with a choice of German dishes and drinks.

  • Monday Programme

    PDLN General Assembly, member presentations and guest speakers

    Welcome – Sandra Chastanet

    (for memebers only)

    President PDLN


    Sandra will open the conference and welcome delegates.

    PDLN General Assembly

    (for members only)


    Board report, approval of budget and accounts, election of officers, other formal business. Members will receive an agenda prior to the meeting.


    10:30-10:45 Coffee break

    Angela Mills Wade

    (for members only)

    Executive Director European Publishers Council

    and Founder and Chairman of Europe Analytica


    Angela Mills Wade will give us an update on the results of the latest legislative process in EU ancillary copyright law.


    For more details on Angela Mills Wade see chapter "Speakers"

    PDLN member presentations

    (for members only)


    Presentations from members on developments in their country of wider interest to colleagues. Sharing experience and learnings is central to the value of PDLN.


    12:45 14:00

    We will have lunch at the restaurant "Die Schule" (The School) on the GLS Campus.

    External guests may join for lunch.

    PDLN member presentations

    (for members only)


    Presentations from PDLN members on developments in their country of wider interest to colleagues. Sharing experience and learnings is central to the value of PDLN. This session will include briefings on EU legal developments of interest to members.

    Coffee break


    Publisher, MMOs and external guests join the conference.

    Klaus-Peter Frahm

    Head Of Innovation Management

    dpa Deutsche Presse-Agentur

    (German national news agency)



    Mr. Frahm's presentation will focus on innovation of media products at dpa and news aktuell and innovative business models for the media industry.


    For more details on Klaus-Peter Frahm see chapter "Speakers"

    Dr. Dirk Lüth

    Lead Mentor German Accelerator



    Dr. Lüth is living and working in Silicon Valley and he will give us an insight into the innovation centre of the world and how entrepreneurs are acting there. He will also focus on the blockchain technology and how it can become dangerous for platforms.


    For more details on Dr. Dirk Lüth see chapter "Speakers"

    reception and dinner at Bertelsmann

    Unter den Linden 1, 10117 Berlin

    (we recommend to share taxis. The 3,7 kilometers take 12 minutes and cost ca. 11,30 €)


    18:30-23:00 – smart casual dress please

    Guests make their own way to Bertelsmann. Drinks will be served on the rooftop terrace from 18:30 and dinner at 20:00 at the lounge, 1st floor.


  • Tuesday Programme

    Guest speakers

    Heiko Scherer

    clapp mobile gmbh, founder and CEO



    Heiko Scherer will speak about clapp, his digital agency that develops platforms and services for leading publishers and other innovative products which help publishers mastering digital change.


    For more details on Heiko Scherer see chapter "Speakers"


    coffee break 10:30 - 11:00

    Dr. Ole Jani

    attorney-at-law, copyright expert


    Dr. Ole Jani will report on the results of the latest legislative process in EU ancillary copyright law and highlight its potential implications for publishing business models and the media monitoring industry.


    For more details on Dr. Ole Jani see chapter "Speakers"

    Andreas Westermann

    Managing Director of ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS

    Deutschland GmbH


    11:45 - 12:30


    Andreas Westermann brings us wishes and suggestions from the customer's point of view and presents trends in the global media monitoring and evaluation industry and how these will affect media monitoring and evaluation services and, most likely, PDLN members.


    For more details on Andreas Westermann and ARGUS see chapter "Speakers"


    Conference close and lunch


    Informal lunch, again we will eat at the restaurant "Die Schule" (The School) on the GLS Campus.

  • Speakers

    Keep checking here for updates!

    Andreas Westermann

    Managing Director

    ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Deutschland GmbH


    The computer scientist and cartographic engineer from Münster, Westphalia has been managing the company since 1998 and has turned ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS into the market leader for media monitoring and media analyses in Germany. Under his leadership, the company, headquartered in Berlin, opened new branches in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich. Founded in 1946 as a press office, the company now employs more than 500 people.

    As a senator at the regional economic senate of the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (BVMW) for Berlin/Brandenburg, Westermann promotes the main interests of SMEs in Germany. Before joining ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS, he spent part of his career at Bertelsmann Group. As a media expert and former cartographer, he has always been faithful to the motto "Reduce to the Max". In other words, reducing the vast amount of information to what is important: simplification for clarification, quality over quantity.


    The ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS group is the leading provider of media intelligence solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our success is based on the unique mix of comprehensive global media monitoring, innovative technology, personal consulting and more than 100 years of experience. Our media and communication experts identify, analyse and condense relevant media content into highly valuable analyses and media reviews to enable our customers to make sound decisions concerning marketing, communication and strategy.

    Dr. Dirk Lüth

    Entrepreneur & Lead Mentor

    German Accelerator

    Mountain View, California


    Dirk is a serial-entrepreneur, advisor, mentor, crypto, and angel investor. In Europe, he co-founded the Financial Times Germany and a company in the FinTech space which was acquired by Sungard (today: FIS). In the US he recently co-founded Uplandme, Inc., a Blockchain platform which is currently in stealth mode. Dirk is a frequent speaker in the US and Europe, best-selling book author on Amazon, and an early adopter of the Blockchain technology.


    In his active role as a lead mentor at the German Accelerator Dirk has helped 30+ companies with their value proposition, to enter the US market, and to raise funding. He serves as an advisor to senior executives of mid to large size organizations supporting them in strategy, corporate development, and the digital transformation of their business.


    Dirk has studied Business Administration in Frankfurt and Paris and received his Ph.D. from the European Business School where he wrote his thesis about private and state-controlled currencies. Dirk speaks German, English, French, and Spanish. Since 2009 he resides with his family in Silicon Valley, California and enjoys competitive swimming, surfing, and playing Basketball with his two sons.

    Dr. Ole Jani


    Copyright Expert

    CMS Hasche Sigle


    Dr. Ole Jani is a partner of CMS Hasche Sigle, one of the leading commercial law firms in Germany. Ole Jani provides copyright and media law advice to clients across the media, technology and communications sector, with a focus on new business models. He is a very experienced copyright litigator and has represented parties in leading German copyright cases. Ole Jani supports clients at the interface between copyright law, politics and business to help shaping draft legislative measures.


    As a former policy adviser in the German parliament, he has extensive experience with both the EU and national legislative procedures. Ole Jani is listed as an expert in his field and as a frequently recommended lawyer in leading law firm rankings. He is a prolific author on copyright matters, i.a. he co-authored Wandtke / Bullinger (eds.) Praxiskommentar zum Urheberrecht (a leading commentary on German copyright law, 5th edition 2019).



    Klaus-Peter Frahm

    Head of Innovation Management

    dpa Deutsche Presse Agentur


    Klaus-Peter Frahm is a husband and father from Hamburg, Germany. He is Head of Innovation at DPA, the leading German news agency. Since the start of his professional career in 1995, he has been building products in various roles, such as product manager, product executive, product coach, co-founder, consultant and CTO.


    In addition to his day-to-day work, Klaus-Peter is always dedicated to at least one side-project at a time. Recently, he has co-created the Product Field, a cognitive medium for product innovation.

    Angela Mills Wade

    Executive Director

    European Publishers Council

    and Founder and Chairman of

    Europe Analytica

    Angela Mills Wade has been one of the leading players in promoting publishers’ rights in Europe.


    Since 1991, Angela has been the Executive Director of the European Publishers Council (EPC), a high-level lobby group of Chairmen and CEOs of leading European media groups with print and digital newspapers, magazines, journals, eLearning solutions, books and broadcasting. EPC co-founded the Linked Content Coalition and participated in several EU co-funded technology projects related to rights management. Angela holds a number of industry positions including the Chairmanship of the EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance), the joint chairmanship with the British Library of the Joint Committee on Legal Deposit and she is a member of the Boards of the Copyright Hub, News Media Coalition, Reporters without Borders UK and of EASA (European Advertising Standards Alliance). In 1999 Angela founded Europe Analytica, an independent public affairs consultancy in Brussels specialising in the media and publishing, advertising and the creative industries - providing tailor-made public affairs and media services to companies, trade associations, coalitions and the European Commission

    Heiko Scherer

    clapp mobile gmbh

    founder and CEO

    Heiko Scherer is the founder and CEO of clapp, a digital agency that develops products, platforms and services for leading publishers and brands since ten years. He is an experienced consultant in the field of product development and strategy with a long track record in various segments of the media industry. Amongst others he has established Pay-TV platforms in leading positions at Unitymedia and Kabel Deutschland (the biggest two cable operators in Germany), while he started his career working for advertising agencies JungvonMatt and Ogilvy.


    Three years ago he also started a new app-as-a-service platform called tchop (tchop.io), that combines content and with a real time chat in branded custom apps. The platform is used both by publishers but also enterprises to reach out to employees, clients or stakeholders via your own branded mobile communication platform.

  • Conference Registration & Hotel Reservation

    Conference Registration –

    A simple email is all you need

    The conference fee is euro 300, which includes both Sunday and Monday dinners and lunch on Monday and Tuesday. To register please email pdlninfo@nla.co.uk giving your full details, including billing address. Invoices will be raised in May. Cancellations after April pay the full fee. PDLN reserves the right to refuse admission to organisations that do not support its objectives. Non members should note that the Monday morning and early afternoon sessions are exclusively for PDLN members.

    Hotel Reservation

    To book your room at the Hotel Oderberger, please send an e-mail to info@hotel-oderberger.berlin


    The following details are needed:

    • name, phone no (incl. country code), e-mail and billing adress
    • arrival/departure dates
    • desired room category

    room categories

    single comfort

    double comfort/maisonette

    double premium

    tower room

    junior suite

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